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18, Весы, Украина, Прекрасный
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Hi cutie love! Domi 2 is working cool! Menu on the screen! Private is open! HAVE FUN WITH ME, I LIKE HAVE GOOD FRIENDS

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Red lingerie !
Red lingerie ! 4 фотографии 4 photos
My photo shoot in the
My photo shoot in the "pink" style ! 9 фотографии 9 photos
Photos of my life !
Photos of my life ! 8 фотографии 8 photos
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Существенные детали ElsaEwans
Сексуальные предпочтенияТрадиционная
Рост5'4" - 5'6" [160см - 170см]
Вес100 - 120 фунтов [45 - 55 кг]
Этническое происхождениеЕвропейское/Кавказское
ЯзыкиЭстонский, Английский
Родной городПрекрасный
Интимная стрижкаБритая
Размер грудиСредняя
Меня возбуждает
A member of an average size of 17 centimeters, tattoos, loyal and kind people!
Обо мне
An open and cheerful girl, but also sometimes I am too depraved!
Меня отталкивает
False emotions and duplicity, deception and begging, greed and poverty.
Что можно увидеть в моих вебкам-шоу
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Just my life !

I greet you, my dear viewer, in my personal profile!

Usually I spend my free time with benefits for myself, as, for example, I really like to sing, I do it perfectly! I hope you've already noticed it!

I don't have many friends, but I'm open to dating! At the moment I don't have my boyfriend. I am engaged in self-development, I also madly love dancing and Ukrainian music along with American music of the 90s.

If you want to support me - on this page I have a list of my frank desires, one of which you can fulfill in order to make me feel good! Come to me more often, I kiss you!

ElsaEwans Just my life ! image: 1


ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 1

ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 2ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 3ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 4ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 5ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 6ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 7ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 8ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 9ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 10ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 11ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 12ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 13ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 14ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 15ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 16ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 17ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 18ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 19ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 20ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 21ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 22ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 23ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 24ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 25ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 26ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 27ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 28ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 29ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 30ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 31ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 32ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 33ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 34ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 35ElsaEwans TOP MY KINGS ! image: 36


ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 1ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 2ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 3ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 4ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 5ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 6ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 7ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 8ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 9ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 10ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 11ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 12ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 13ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 14ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 15ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 16ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 17ElsaEwans TOP MY TIPS ! image: 18


ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 1ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 2

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 3ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 4

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 5ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 6

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 7ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 8

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 9ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 10

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 11ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 12

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 13ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 14

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 15ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 16

ElsaEwans TOP MY TRAINS ! image: 17

Thank you for quick rise to the TOP-50!

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Apartments in the Maldives
Apartments in the Maldives
It cost ~260775650 tokens
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1001 Red roses
1001 Red roses
I like flowers for fine mood
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__💘💘____ ElsaEwans ____💘💘
С ElsaEwans радостно уютно
С ElsaEwans можно потусить
А С ElsaEwans висилухой
можно и винца попить.
Ну а ElsaEwans как всегда
непреклонна и строга,
а ElsaEwans каждый день
улыбаться нам не лень.
Вообщем, так, скажу ребята:
«Всем нам крупно повезло,что ElsaEwans снами в чате
- с ней не скучно и тепло
Девушка изюминка. Легка на разговор, красивые , нежные глаза , хочется в них тануть вечно, нежная и приятная девушка. Спокойная веселая обстановка на трансляции. Оставайся такой всегда нежной , красивой, милой девушкой. Пусть твои мечты в этой жизни сбываются потихоньку .
Малыха делает вещи, смеётся забавно, балдеет с чатом, обнимаю, целую :)
Добрая девочка
Хорошая, добрая
Классная девушка
очень милая и хорошая девочка
люблю эту сучку
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My school education !

Nowadays I study remotely in my interactive school and study subjects such as mathematics, biology and social studies!

I plan to finish all 11 years of study with excellent marks and get a higher education.

My dream is to become an excellent psychologist who will inform teenagers about what is bad and what is good!

My parents did not achieve super-high results in the material sphere, but they brought up a kind and gentle me! I am very grateful to them for this and in the future I will help my relatives who once put me on my paws!

ElsaEwans My school education ! image: 1

A little bit about my body care !

I am actively engaged in the plasticity of my body, namely, I do a variety of physical exercises in order to be more flexible and skillful for my personal life and modeling career!

I believe that every girl should maintain her image at the highest level, in addition to health!

Lately I've been thinking about starting to monitor my diet. Lately fast food has been consuming our world and all of us together, haha! However, it is never difficult to make a fresh salad of vegetables and have a snack with them, for example, during a break!

ElsaEwans A little bit about my body care ! image: 1

A little bit about my early activities !

So, now I'm going to tell you a little bit about what I used to do and sometimes I do now!

I was a presenter at various festive events! I always liked being the center of attention and I was so pleased with the return of people to me; I was in various images and changed them quite often, and people often gave me positive emotions, but, as you know, on my broadcast I also know how to give emotions even to myself, hihihi!

Now I'm with you and I'm also picking up different images! You can write to me in the comments of my profile - what image would you like to see on me on my broadcast? If you offer something really interesting - I'm sure I can come up with something with it!

ElsaEwans A little bit about my early activities ! image: 1

Our world is definitely huge !

I have read books, heard about different countries of the world, but I have been very few places! I have to admit that I don't have much free time!

But in any case, I want to visit all the most interesting places in the world! You may ask - why? I like to get a pleasant feeling from something new!

In addition, I believe that there are completely different people in different parts of the world with their unique customs! It's interesting to learn these customs!

ElsaEwans Our world is definitely huge ! image: 1

A story about my recent vacation !

At the beginning of January 2023, I was on a short vacation lasting about 7 days! During this time, I managed to visit another city, see different people and spend a little time enjoying myself!

I love skating - it's really cool! The feeling when you can race very fast and overtake others gives me pleasant emotions!

What kinds of entertainment do you like? What would you be happy to do today?

ElsaEwans A story about my recent vacation ! image: 1

A little bit about my hobby !

I really like the water! Clean and light water, warm but with a touch of coolness when you first dive into the water!

When you first dive into the cool, at first glance, water - you feel an inner desire to get out of the water and stay on land! You need to overcome yourself and go into the water, and then you will feel the very pleasure of being in the aquatic environment!

This is very similar to how the ordinary life of a small percentage of people goes! When it's hard, you don't get out of the water, but go forward, knowing that this will lead you to pleasant and positive things!

ElsaEwans A little bit about my hobby ! image: 1

Cutie princess !

ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 1ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 2ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 3ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 4 ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 5ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 6ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 7ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 8ElsaEwans Cutie princess ! image: 9